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Hi, I’m Marc. I’m a creative entrepreneur, community builder and learning experience designer.

This is where I share my work and and help creators like me live happier and more fulfilling lives.

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Teaching Online

How to create engaging learning experiences and content. Explore the future of learning with me.

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Creative Entrepreneurship

How to run your own (small) business as a creative entrepreneur, get more clients and have more fun.

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Community Building

How to build a thriving, self-sustaining community online or offline where your members take the spotlight.

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Become a Better Human

How to be a bright shining light to yourself and others.

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How to Create & Sell Your Online Course

Read my ultimate guide (free webinar included).

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Three Things I Want to Work On

Three Things I Want to Work On

Hi friends, Today marks my 1-month anniversary at my new employer. An employer that’s not me. It’s the first time that has happened in 5 years.  The whole experience of working for someone else again has been a crazy ride actually – like entering a different world. It...

Why I Started to Enjoy Doing the Dishes

Why I Started to Enjoy Doing the Dishes

Hi friends, Today feels like a special day. This morning I took a dive in the sea (two, actually), I kickboxed on the beach, I waved goodbye to a good friend who’s moving to France… and now I’m typing this newsletter in the sun with a view on the pier of...

Why I Chose to Be an Entrepreneur

Why I Chose to Be an Entrepreneur

Hi friends, Do you ever get asked: “why do you want to be an entrepreneur?”.  Now that I’m back at being a part-time employee again, I’ve been asked this question a lot over the past few weeks. And to be honest, it’s a solid one.  I’ve noticed that it’s quite a taboo...